In 1922, a small family business of wire drawing, cabling settles in Reichshoffen. The small steel wire writes its destiny...


In 1935, through the connection of the initial letters of “Tréfilerie-Câblerie” TRECA is born, The manufacturing of the first models with springs begins...


At Treca the mattress has a special place... In 1947, the first model Pullman is created, announcing the beginning of “savoir-dormir”.


With the opening of a decoration department in 1955, mattresses and bed bases turn into real full beds.


In 1960, Treca becomes TRECA de Paris, and places its name in the world of bedding at European level.


Since 1992, the house decided to combine art and craft and asks Paolo Nava to design beds. Other collaborations with renowned designers will follow.


Welcome to Haute Couture in 2008 with the launch of Platinum, ultimate comfort and refinement collection.


2011: The furniture arrived in 'Treca de Paris', the elegance, comfort and expertise of the house then concentrated in a new name : TRECA INTERIORS Paris


For 80 years now has Treca Interiors Paris been faithful to the requirement of it’s 100% French craftsmanship and know-how. The brand became a reference in the world of upmarket bedding thanks to the respect of tradition and custom made products.