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For the past 20 years we have been working with famous designers.

  • Pascal Allaman Designer Treca Interiors Paris

    Pascal Allaman

    Pascal ALLAMAN, an interior designer and general designer, launched his own agency in 2000. Having won design competitions, he was soon entrusted with prestigious projects such as the Paris headquarters of EULER HERMES SFAC and the conception of boutiques for BLANCPAIN, the manufacturer of very high class watches. Paying great attention to every detail, his work is based on the balance between volumes and light. The materials and the colours employed create sophisticated and elegant contemporary spaces which are faithful reflections of the essential purpose of the place.

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  • Mathilde Brétillot

    Designer with multiple aspects, Mathilde Brétillot investigates the modern environment as well as the one of pure luxury to express within its creations a global view of sensuality, rationality and liveliness. Mathilde Brétillot’s works alternately as designer, interior decorator or scenographer.

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    Designer Mathilde Brétillot
    The SAINT GERMAIN headboard was designed with a clear shape and multiple possible interpretations and finishes: two-tones, two materials. Like a soft cushion stretched between your ears and the wall, the headboard feels light. Its double layers allow for an infinite variety of materials and colours, combinations that are elegant or joyous, lush or light.
  • designer-sandrine-chollet
    The bedroom has taken on a more substantial role in our home lives, becoming an important living space in which the bed assumes an extended function as a major piece of furniture during the day as well as at night. Notable technical and aesthetic innovations in the design of bedding enable us today to combine elegant appearance with absolute comfort. Living habits have changed and the bed is not just for sleep but also for the telephone, music, television, rest, etc. In the 21st century the bed is part of a new lifestyle.

    Sandrine Chollet

    Sandrine Chollet, a former pupil of the Baronnat private school (in partnership with the Boule school), has completed numerous interior design and decoration projects for private residences and town mansions. Since 2003, she has extended her artistic sphere by designing lines of furniture and lighting fixtures for manufacturers such as the Pierre Frey and Hugues Chevalier companies and for the new furniture collection of Treca Interiors Paris.

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  • Eric Gizard

    As an attentive explorer of world styles, Eric Gizard’s chosen sphere leads him to become involved in a great variety of projects : flats and shops in Japan, tearooms in Korea, offices in Shanghai, the commercial environment of brands of luxury cosmetics in Asia, hotels and private residences in Europe, presidential areas and boutiques in Paris, etc. As well as creating ranges of furniture for specialist manufacturers, he also designs tableware, lighting fixtures and table decorations for the leading French luxury goods establishments.

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    Eric Gizard Designer Treca Interiors Paris
  • Hoffmann-Kahleyss

    Hoffmann Kahleyss Design

    Since 2013, Birgit Hoffmann and Christoph Kahleyss manage together a design agency that specialises in furniture making and interior design in Hamburg. They also design exhibition stands and support photographic productions. Their approach consists of accompanying a project from the initial concept through launching on the market. Their products are backed by many years of experience and technical know-how and are characterised by formal independence and guaranteed commercial success.

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  • Annette Lang

    The German interior designer Annette Lang has won a number of prizes awarded by institutions such as the Design Center Nordrhein Westfalen and the German Designer Club. She has worked with many well known brands in the sphere of products for the home, such as Bauscher, Bestform, De Sede and WK Wohnen.  For the last ten years she has been creating bedheads and accessories for Treca Interiors Paris.

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    "Relaxing, unwinding, lazing about, resting and sleeping well are what a bed should enable you to do and those activities are helped by a good headboard. The ADELE model is ennobled by its slim wooden surrounding frame. Its diamond-shaped stitching and its padded form give elegant emphasis to the comfort of this headboard."
  • Patricl Naggar Designer Treca Interiors Paris

    Patrick Naggar

    Patrick Naggar, an artist and designer, has been responsible for numerous architectural and design creations in Europe and in the USA : prestigious private residences, art collectors’ flats, art galleries and restaurants, as well as collections for Ecart International, Neotu, Tectona, Véronèse and Artelano. Features of his work are a dialogue between art and science, the mixing of different cultures and a strong poetic dimension, all of which combine to produce an elegant modern language.

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  • Matteo Thun

    The designer and architect Matteo Thun is one of the founders of the Memphis Group. He studied under Oskar Kokoschka at the Salzburg Academy before obtaining a degree in architecture in Florence in 1975. In 1978 he moved to Milan, where he started to work with Ettore Sottsass and in 1984 he founded his own studio there. He has obtained the prestigious ADI Compasso d’Oro Award for design excellence three times. His clients include Bulgari, Artemide, Catalano, Driade, Missoni, Porsche, VitrA, Villeroy & Boch, Campari and Zucchetti.

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    Matteo Thun Designer Treca Interiors Paris
  • Andreas Weber Designer Treca Interiors Paris
    "As we spend much more time in bed than people did in former times, a comfortable atmosphere is of great importance. The emergence of designs for large and soft beds underlines this trend. The shape of the CASUAL headboard was inspired by a large cushion and suggests at first glance a close association of comfort and intimacy. The cosy volume of the bedhead provides the comfort of a sofa and invites you to relax against it."

    Andreas Weber

    The German architect and designer Andreas Weber graduated from the  Munich Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning in 1980 and then took charge of an architect’s practice before turning to the production and distribution of his own range of lamps and furniture under the name of Andreas Weber Wohndesign. He has worked with a large number of international companies including Christine Krönke Interior Design and BW-Bielefelder Werkstätten. He has been creating designs for Treca Interiors Paris since 2011.

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